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When Kim contacted me early last summer she wanted unposed photos of her family as they were during that time in their lives: she, pregnant with their third (a boy), along with her two adorable girls, Daddy and their very special au pair. At the time, I had no idea that we were neighbors. When I walked through the door for our first session, her older daughter literally came running and hugged me so hard I fell down. I knew right then, that we were going to have a great time. A month or so later, I was able to visit Kim and Brian in the hospital less than twenty-four hours after Baby T was born, and again when he came home. I love the collection of images from these session and the story that they tell: a young, growing, tired, happy family. I also love the book that they bought that I’m sure they’ll treasure. Kim and Brian – thank you for inviting me into your home during these wondrous days.



One Sunday in Maine [New York Child + Family Photography]

Among the positive things that I attribute to the Internet, at the top of my list is unquestionably: the relationships. No matter where you live, no matter what your local community, there is a larger Neighborhood out there of like-minded people who are looking to connect. I’m not talking about on-line dating, though I understand that’s not weird, the way it was back in the day when I was dating. I’m talking about making friends. Five or six years ago Stephanie and I met and for months we were friends who had never heard each other’s voices. Our relationship progressed to talking and visiting and all these years later I treasure our friendship. Last summer she and her lovely family hosted me and mine at her new (to her) home in Portland.

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